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Motor Racing in Rhodesia

- thanks to Mrs. Morag McDonald Tritt who forwarded me her original photographs

Sir Roy Welensky in Corvette Peter West in Ford T
Sir Roy Welensky in Corvette at starting line, Salisbury Peter West driving a Ford Model T S-3526
Peter Wood in Fiat 1st road race umtali
Peter Wood driving a Fiat Unknown racer at first road race in Umtali, Geoff Meadows?
Bentley 6.5-litre Cooper
Bentley 6.5-litre Cooper
Briefing at marlborough
Briefing at Marlborough  
Jimmy de Villiers in Cooper De Jouvancourt
Jimmy de Villiers De Jouvancourt with Austin Healey 100
Connaught Connaught
Connaught - most likely Sam Tingle driving Connaught - most likely Sam Tingle driving
Jaguar D Type Jaguar D Type
Jaguar D Type - Possibly Bruce Huntley, leading the Cooper Mk II Climax driven by Jimmy Shield.
Jaguar D Type
Chris Annesley Sid Van der Vyver
Chris Annesley
Sid Van der Vyver and Sir Roy Welensky
Ford Anglia Ford Anglia
Race modified Ford Anglia from Cosworth in action, sponsored by Duly & Co., Bulawayo to celebrate their golden jubilee as an accredited Ford dealer. Painted gold, driven by John Love. Photo taken at James McNeilllie circuit, Kumalo, Bulawayo.

Hairpin at Marlborough
Various cars at Marlborough hairpin  
Austin Healey in Hillclimb Jill Amm Annesley
Austin Healey at hillcimb B-1576
Jill Amm Annesley comes off the road
Hogg in MG
Various racers possibly at Coronation Park, one of which is Hogg in an MG (2nd car?). Leading car is a Singer 9 Le Mans.
M Witham M Witham
Max Witham in his Cooper-Norton
Max Witham in his Cooper-Norton
Marlborough Ladies
Marlborough Ladies entry - Pickard, Wood, Annesley, Witham, Davidson
MG + various Mrs Jill Annesley
MGA + others Mrs Jill Annesley
Possibly an Austin racer Stanley Reed
Frank Brodie's MG special
Stanley Reed
Peter Wood in Jaguar Mrs Wood, Witham, Pickard
Peter Wood in Jaguar XK120 Lady drivers Wood, Witham and Pickard
Peter Wood XK150
Peter Wood in Jaguar XK120  
Possibly Cooper Racing Car Rhodesia
Cooper JAP of Chris Ferguson. Photo taken at Grand Central, near Johannesburg, in 1954.
Barratt special (fitted with a Consul engine). Driven by Tony Stokes. Photo possibly taken at Belvedere 3rd July 1960.
Raffles driving Aston Martin Sheila Matthews
Raffles driving an Aston Martin S-46138
Sheila Matthews
Possibly Coopers Unknown
Mike Harris (Cooper Mk 1 Borgward) leads Geoff Meadows (Meadows Special Cooper Climax). Photo possibly taken May 1960 at Marlborough.
Meadows Special driven by Geoff Meadows. A Cooper MkV (T15)? to which was fitted an 1100cc single cam Coventry Climax engine, Stopping it with the tiny cast iron brake drums must have been interesting!
Unknown Lotus 11
Syd Van der Vyver in his Cooper Mk II Alfa on hisa way to winning the 1960 Rhodesian GP.
Lotus 11 sideways
Chris Annesley in Special  
Chris Annesley in special - probably his C.R.A. Special  
ERA + Austin-Healey Pat Routledge, Dorothy Pickard, Peter West
John MacFee from Northern Rhodesia in ERA talking to Peter Whitehead, Austin Healey 100M behind Pat Rutledge, Dorothy Pickard and Peter West
Women racing in Rhodesia C Belton
Women racing in Rhodesia C. Belton
Charles Griffiths De Jouvancourt
Charles Griffiths De Jouvancourt
Gordon MacPherson J Wilson
Gordon MacPherson John Wilson - A metalwork teacher at Alan Wilson School. Owned an MG TD trials car with a Consul engine and two gearboxes in line for a very low ratio, possibly painted orange.
J Vincent
J Vincent - Handicapper J. Wall
Mike Hutchons Peter Wood
Mike Hutchons Peter Wood
Noel Matthews Ralph Bates
Noel Matthews Ralph Bates
S Stevenson Syd Butler
S. Stevenson Syd Butler
Tony Peacock  
Tony Peacock  

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