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Picture taken in South Africa with Roger Bull and his Mother in front of their 1948 Packard Clipper. The family took the car to Salisbury when they moved there in 1956.Later sold as spares were difficult to find.

Roger Bull and his wife Jayne pose with a 1964 Volvo PV 544, 1960 Frogeye and 1954 MGTF 1250cc outside their home on the Mazoe Road, Salisbury, circa 1968 MG TD driven by Chris Cassellden during the annual mudplug driving competition organised by the MG and Austiun Healey Club somewhere near Salisbury sometime in the 60's.

MG with
Roger Bull competing in his 1960 Porsche 356A in driving tests in
Salisbury circa 1968- 50-518-K
October 1972, possibly at Marlborough, Sam Tingle in his MG J2.

Line-up of Renault Gordinis in Beira which had been brought in
for a round Beira race. The one on the right is believed to have been owned by David Swire-Griffiths and he had travelled down from Salisbury to watch the race. The story is that some of the competing Renaults managed to roll on a particular corner and Roger Bull does remember seeing a couple disappear into shop fronts. He thinks the accidents happened during practice but all the cars were ready for the actual race.

The story of Dave's car was that he had spent the Saturday burning the tar down by the beachfront and burnt out his clutch. As he was on the tobacco floors in those days he had to be back there first thing Monday morning. Roger Bull was a young cadet journalist in those days and as he could wait till the Tuesday to arrive at work, he agreed to drive the Renault back to Salisbury after a new clutch was fitted. What a trip he had. The car literally flew over the Pungwe Flats as Roger tried to see how quickly he could drive from Beira to Salisbury. That particular series of Renaults were one of the most comfortable cars to drive. This race is believed to have been around 1969.
A good turnout of MGs for a club outing in a car Park in Jameson
Avenue, Salisbury circa 1969. The first car, 24-485-N an MG TD was owned by an American. Roger Bull's TF1500cc, 54-475-L is second in the row with his wife Jayne in the car. This TF was acquired without the correct motor as the original engine had disintegrated, though Roger did have the remains of the original motor. It was sold to an engineer and is believed to have gone to South Africa.The third car, 24-376-H, was owned by Rob Warraker but was driven in this event by Alan Uzzell.

Fiat 500

V8 powered Fiat 500 taking part in drag racing down the main
straight at Marlborough in October 1972.

MG Midget
Roger Bull in his 1960 Frogeye competing in driving tests with the MG and Austin Healey Car Club in Salisbury circa 1967. 50-824-S/RHO
Alan Uzzell in his Midget competing in a driving competition in
Salisbury, photo by Roger Bull off the the front cover of Safety fast April 1968 . RUA-7855/RHO


The Black family of Colin, Diana, Anthony and Simon with their
Rolls Royce and a very fast MGTF in Salisbury circa 1968. The TF was powered by an MG twin-cam motor driving through a TC gearbox and Laycock overdrive. Both cars are now in the USA- MGTF S-55020/RHO

Many thanks to Roger Bull for the photos above

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