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Make Calcott History          
Year 1921
Owned by Paul Fawcett in the UK in 1951. Shipped to Mombasa and driven through Kenya, Tanganyika and Northern Rhodesia. Paul met up with Hamish Moffatt who was driving his 11.9hp Lagonda to South Africa. They met up at the Tunduma border post, near which the Calcott had broken down with a burnt out magneto, with a spare magneto from the Lagonda, the Calcott finally made it to Broken Hill in Northern Rhodesia and subsequently onto Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia. Shortly before his wedding in Southern Rhodesia Paul was killed in a motorcycle accident and the Calcott ended up in the care of Ken Wheatcroft of Waterfalls. After sitting in Ken's garden the car was acquired by through George Green by Rupert Meade, a local coppersmith who owned the car for about two years. Acquired by the Goodall family around 1963, the body had completely deteriorated from lying around and a new one was made by Bill Wood of Salisbury. The chassis was straightened as the car had been in an accident and had been run up the steps of the bank in Bindura. The differential housing had also been cracked, the engine was rebuilt by Micro Grinders of Salisbury. The Calcott moved to Australia with the Goodalls in 1981 where is still is now, with Hilton Goodall. Believed to be for sale in 2013, the car is still un-restored. Sold to a member of the Calcott family in the UK.
Model 11.9hp
Chassis No. 3153
Engine No. 3406
Body Style 2-seater
Registration Numbers   References Crankhandle Members List c1965, Nick Wood, Hilton and Brian Goodall


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