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According to Dave Morgan, whose father owned Dominion Garages in Salisbury, S. Rhodesia, 3 Cord were delivered new to Rhodesia. One Cord which belonged to an Insurance Company was written off near Christmas Pass, Umtali due to a mechanical fault in the gearbox. What happened to the other two is unknown, though one of these is possibly the Cord convertible owned by Mr. 'Nobby' Clarke who being unable to sell the car gave it to his friend Arian, who ran a car scrap yard. Arian chopped up the car as it had no parts value. However another source believes that all three cars sold new in Rhodesia were 4-door sedans.

Make Cord History          
Year 1937
One of very few RHD Cords. Sold new to an owner in Cape Town, South Africa. Taken to Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) around 1948 by Capt. Mackay of Central African Airways. Discovered around 1962 by Rod Wells in a backyard in Hillside, Salisbury. The car had been owned by a mining engineer and had been left in someone else's backyard for some years. The house owner was going to have the car taken away and scrapped but Rod persuaded them to let him have the car, which was a rusted out wreck. Shortly afterwards and irate car owner enquired as to where his car was, and eventually let Rod have the car for $24 (£10 stg). The car was stripped for restoration and then sold to Mike Gill for £12 stg. Mike recalls collecting parts from all over Salisbury, the engine was standing in a garden full of water. Covered many thousands of kilometers in Southern Africa, including the 1969 National Rally to Lorenco Marques. Note incorrect hubcaps. Offered for sale for R300 000 in 1996. Still with Mike in Zimbabwe in 2011, restored to pretty much original form. Sold in 2011 to Buster Bishard of Harare.
Model 812
Chassis No. FB 2604
Engine No.  
Coachbuilder Body no C90 1517
Body Style Westchester 4d sedan
Colours White with red upholstery            
Registration Numbers RSF-1937/RHO, 290-144-Y/RHO, ABW-9233/ZIM
References Nick Wood; Ced Pearce; Mike Gill; Rod Wells; David MacKenzie
Cord 812Auburn1937 Cord


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