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Year 1916
Wooden chassis made of American Oak, engine is air cooled. Imported into Rhodesia by Ross Jameson, the nephew of Pioneer Sir Starr Jameson. When he passed away in 1919 the car was acquired by Tom Meikle. In 1925 the car was driven to Victoria Falls when the road was first opened. Acquired by Mr. E.H. South in 1927, who owned the car until 1963. Used on the 1st Reliabilty run in 1959, driven by J. Wilson, the car only reached Marandellas on the run to Umtali when carburettor trouble caused the withdrawl of the car. South was the first flue cured tobacco grower in the country. Collected from South's farm in about 1963 by Bill Wood, Cyril Nisbit and Stan Dent. The car had been acquired by Alex McKay after having been in a barn for a number of years. The car was actually driven back to Salisbury and went quite well for an almost 50 year old car, though I am told the brakes were atrocious. The car was used on the 1963 Vintage Run, 1964 Vintage Run to Umtali (driven by G.F. Green) and in the Vintage Car Rally to Que Que in 1965. Stan Dent looked after the car and used it on a number of events. Acquired by Dave Rock in 1979. Dave says that he couldn't imagine the car running well in those latter years, an attempt was made to reach Mutare but failed. A rebuild covering every aspect in detail was carried out by Dave. Body colour is matched to original. Still owned by Dave.
.Model 9A
Chassis No.  
Engine No.  
Body Style Tourer
Colours Grey / black now dark sand colour
Registration Numbers S-3679/SRH, 155-188-S/RHO, AAT-2484/ZIM
References  Nick Wood, Dave Rock, Bob Rose



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