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Make Jaguar                                                          
Year 1954 Third of the 1954 works cars. Raced at Le Mans by Whitehead/Wharton (race number 15), ret'd; Rheims 12 Hours, Whitehead/ Wharton,1st; Brighton Speed  Trials, Dewis; Prescott Hillclimb, Walker; used for Guild of Motoring Writers  test day, Goodwood; displayed at Brussels Motor Show; 1955 Silverstone,  Hawthorn, DNF, but set new lap record; Goodwood Nine Hours, car lent to  Hamilton/Rolt, DNF; February 1957 sold to John Coombs (his great friend John Young states that he owned OKV 3, bought it for about £3000, "you couldn't sell them!"); 1959 sold to Dickens & Cartwright; sold to Chipstead Motors; sold to John  Love; Luanda GP, 1st; 1960 South African GP (Libre race), 7th (2nd sports car); sold to Neville Austin; Bulawayo, two races,1st & 2nd; Salisbury, 6th; 1961 Border 100, East London, 6th;  Lourenco Marques, 1st; Kyalami Nine Hours, crashed; December 1961 sold to Rondalia Touring Club, who began restoration 1966 sold to Paul Hawkins, who shipped car to UK; rebuild completed by Temple Panels, London; 1967 sold to John Melville-Smith (Malvern, UK); crashed at Prescott & rebuilt at works; completed May 1968; 1969-70 raced for owner by Martin Morris; 1971 crashed at Snetterton; crashed car sold to Morris & rebuilt; then raced extensively and very successfully during 1970s & 1980s; also used for touring in Europe, America & New Zealand; raced in 1990s by David Morris; still owned by Martin Morris (Exeter, UK).
Model D-Type
Chassis No. XKC 404
Engine No. E2006-9
Body Style
Colours Green            
Registration Numbers OKV 3
John Love D-TypePhoto possibly shows the John love D-Type


Make Jaguar                                                           
Year 1954
Supplied to St Helier Garages, Jersey; sold to Lord Louth; Chimay, Belgium, 5th; raced in South Africa; Johannesburg race meeting, 2nd x 2; raced by John Love; 1957 sold; later Rhodesian owners included a Mr Watson (car raced by Malcolm Gardner), Jimmy de Villiers, lan Brown; 3.8 engine fitted & raced by Bruce Huntley & George Pfaff, but without success; 1961 Kyalami, DNF; 1962 sold I.O. Russ Taylor (UK); 1964 sold to Jackie Epstein; 1965 sold to Nigel Moores; 1988 possibly sold to Yoshijuki Hayashi (Japan); 1989 sold to European collector; auctioned by Brooks and sold to REX Collection (Sweden) for £1.2m; 1992 auctioned by Brooks and sold to David Cohen (Canada) for a lesser amount; raced by Robert Brooks at Laguna Seca; sold, via Adrian Hamilton, to Paul Burdell (UK) and still owned by him; 1994 raced at Laguna Seca & rolled without great damage
Model D-Type
Chassis No. XKD 512
Engine No. E2014-9
Body Style
Registration Numbers J 26, 516 EYR, S-57713/SRH References http://wsprracing.com/chassis/Dtype.htm
De Villiers D TypeHuntley D-TypeHuntley in his D-Type


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