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Make  Lagonda History          
Year 1932 Low chassis car. Acquired around 1959 by Jack Honeywill, a tobacco farmer from Rusape. Rebuilt in 1962/63, body made of hardboard painted yellow. Finished 28th in the Total Chatfield Rally in 1964 and highly placed in the Mashonaland Sundowner Rally about the same time with navigator P. Claridge. Fitted at some stage with a Buick engine. Owned later by Jimmy Shields, who it is believed was the person who fitted the car with a Riley 2.5-litre engine. The car appears to have been stolen from the Shields' garage and was later recovered in Rusape. Rebuilt again around 1979. Acquired by David Stronge who then sold it to Nigel Launder in 1988. Nigel rebuilt the car, re-lengthening the chassis that had been shortened by 10", fitting a replica body, correct headlights, shocks, windscreen and seats amongst other parts. Sold to Keith Dobinson who took the car to the UK, still fitted with the Riley engine. Later sold to J.G. MacDonald, a specialist in racing Lagonda's. Subsequently sold to Mr. P. Chubb of Norwich, from whom it was acquired by Martin Tinsley around 2011.
Model 2-litre supercharged
Chassis No. OH10284
Engine No. 5457 Riley 2.5-litre, prev. 4485989 1942 Buick
Body Style
Registration Numbers RUA-3605/RHO, 321-642-K/RHO, HSL 177
References Martin Tinsley, Nigel Launder
1932 low
                      chassis1932 low
As acquired by Nigel Launder                                      Fitting a new body
                                                                                 As sold to Keith Dobinson

Make Lagonda History          
Year 1934 Owned by D.H. Stowell in Southern Rhodesia in 1958. Acquired from Bulawayo by a Mr. Aldred in 1960 and taken to Kitwe, Northern Rhodesia. Acquired around 1963 by Dr. Frank Hanford, Luanshya, Northern Rhodesia. Partially rebuilt in Salisbury in 1962, the remainder of the rebuild being carried out by Dr. Hanford. Returned to England in 1971. Current wings most likely manufactured in S. Rhodesia or Zambia. Owned 2003 by Geoffrey Pritchard of Hatch End, Middx.
Model M45
Chassis No. Z10703
Engine No.  
Coachbuilder Vanden Plas
Body Style Tourer
Registration Numbers FS 9171, S-49962/SRH,  C-4789/NRH,
References 1st Rhod NR; MotorHistorica


Make  Lagonda History          
Year 1934 Sold to a Rhodesian owner from South Africa in the early 1950s. Owned by Mr. E.B. Deacon of Salisbury 1965-1975. Competed in the 1965 and 1969 National Rallies, the 1966 Independence Rally and the Bulawayo-Victoria Falls Run in 1968. In Switzerland in 2003. Completed 1st Rhod. Rally 1965.
Model M45
Chassis No. Z10957
Engine No.  
Coachbuilder Tourer
Body Style
Registration Numbers B-3958/SRH
References 2RIR; AM1-3; photo Chris Corry-Thomas


Make  Lagonda History          
Year 1936 10th car built, exported new to Rhodesia. Owned by E. Chalenor-Barson,  Cape Town c1965, used in Camps Bay Hillclimb and other speed events prior to 1948. Much modified by Chalenor-Barson, fitted with a Riley body.  Returned to the UK in 1989, and fully rebuilt to Rapide specification inlcuding a new body. Sold by Coys in 1995 for £45200 (estimate £50000-£55000 lot 016. Offered again for sale by Coys 1st December 2005 lot 451, estimate £85000-£110000. Did not sell.
Model LG45
Chassis No. 12009
Engine No. S1170
Body Style Saloon, Riley?, Rapide tourer
Colours Regal red bodywork, leather hide interior (2005)            
Registration Numbers VFF 975 (2005)
References Crankhandle c1965; Coys 1995 and 01/12/2005;


Make Lagonda History          
Year 1936 Supplied to Lagonda concessionnaire Kevill-Davies & March on 6th June 1936, appears to be one of only twenty five LG45 cars built to Sanction 2 Spec. Originally owned by Charles Barwell-Ewins of Marston Trussell Hall, Leicestershire. Originally dark grey with blue leather upholstery. Owned by Roy Galway of London around 1938, R, Napier Martin, Great Bromley Lodge, Essex 1947. Last serviced by the factory on 6th July 1948. Noted in Southern Rhodesia owned by Peter Swain of Salisbury in the late 1950s, with Tim Savory, Monze, Northern Rhodesia 1961/2, later Ian McLean. Acquired in Lusaka in 1964 by Doug Mitchell, of the Engineering Dept of the Government Post Office, Kafue, who discovered the car in a garden in Olympia Park, Lusaka. Rebuilt over the next four years and then used regularly on events in Northern Rhodesia/Zambia. Shipped back to England in 1972 (with a lengthy detour via Venezuela). Passed through dealer Rod Leach and auctioneer Mike Carter in the mid 1970s. Also resprayed dark green and re trimmed in beige leather in the mid 1970s, appearing with Paradise Garage in 1978. Next owner, who was the son of the original owner acquired the car in 1979 and owned it
until 2007 when it was auctioned by H&H Auctions on 20th June. Used
extensively in the UK and Europe. Lot no. 52, estimate £45000 - 55000 - Sold for £80000.
Model LG45
Chassis No. 12086
Engine No. LG45/254/S2
Body Style Tourer, body no. 7213
Colours  Dark grey w blue upholstery; yellow & black; dark green            
Registration Numbers B-5445 Poss. Bulawayo SRH, DE 444,


Make  Lagonda History          
Year 1938 Originally delivered to Lauchlan Rose. Taken off the road for the duration of WWII, the car was returned to Lagondas for a major engine overhaul around  1948, which included carrying out modifications to uprate the engine to Sanction II specification, overboring the block and fitting new bearings as well as modifying kingpins and bleeding the brakes. At the previous service in June 1945 when the car was 7 years old the mileage was recorded as being just 4,520, exactly one year later when the engine overhaul was performed it had covered another 5,645 miles. Taken to Rhodesian by Stephen Courtauld (2nd owner) in 1964. Acquired in 1970 by Bill Player of Umtali. From the early 1970s Bill Player began to maintain a log of all work carried out on the car. This commenced with a major rebuild in 1972 a detailed breakdown of which is recorded in the file. Much major surgery was undertaken, with the car being completely stripped, the body frame was rebuilt and repanelled, the coachwork was retrimmed andrepainted and the whole meticulously and methodically reassembled. With the work complete the car was used for several years in Zimbabwe, before being repatriated in 1982. Inherited by Bill's brother when Bill was murdered in Zimbabwe, offered for sale through Coys Auction 15 May 2000 (lot 31) but not sold. Later acquired by a German enthusiast.
Model V12
Chassis No. 14048
Engine No. 14048
Body Style Drophead coupe
Colours  Dark green
Registration Numbers EYW 785, RSH-8984/SRH, 325-278-M/RHO
References MotorHistorica
                      LagondaV12 Lagonda


Make Lagonda History          
Year   Apparently the first production DB 2.6 saloon, owned by Robin Savory in Rhodesia. Now back in UK but engine less. Possibly the car that lay in Harry Reedman's yard for some years.
Model DB 2.6
Chassis No. 48/4
Engine No.  
Body Style Saloon
Registration Numbers
References Nick Wood


Make Lagonda History          
Year 1955 RHD 3-litre saloon. Owned by Dr. Louis McEwan of Gwelo, Rhodesia for many years. When he passed away in the 1990s, the car was owned by his son who took the car to Canada in the mid 1990s. Sold in 2008. Later noted in California. For sale with Kent Car Collection around 2010 for £29, 950. Also on sale on eBay for $34,500 apparently not sold. Also noticed for sale with Fantasy Jucntion in California.
Model Lagonda
Chassis No. LB/290/1//138
Engine No. VB6H/460
Coachbuilder Tickford
Body Style Saloon
Colours Two tone green, green interior
Registration Numbers 289-978-/RHO References www.KentCarCollection.com; Fantasy Junction.com
1955 A-M LagondaLagonda


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