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Make Packard History          
Year 1923/24
Possibly shown at the Johannesburg show when new, reputed to be one of the first straight 8 Packards built. Owned by the 3rd Baron Lord Hugh Delamere in Kenya, probably from new. Believed to be the oldest Packard in South Africa in 2003. Discovered in Kenya by John Revill and taken to Bindura, Rhodesia around 1970. Acquired by Lt. Col. Peter Adams around 1978, engine still in a crate with a tag attached from the Packard Corp., saying 'factory reconditioned'. Acquired around 1979 by David Stronge before being sold to Jim Spillings of Johannesburg, where she was first seen by Nigel Atherstone, acquired by Nigel in 1999, stored in the White River Museum. Rear section of the tourer body missing. Ownership then passed onto Louis Van der Merwe of the White River Museum. Parts still being acquired.
Model 143
Chassis No.  
Engine No. 204149G
Body Style  
Registration Numbers   References  Nigel Atherstone; B&W photo found on pinterest posted by Oughut
                      PackardPackard 143
                                                                            Boy Long , Prince Edward , Lord Delamere possibly this car behind


Make Packard History          
Owned by Robin Hurst of Harare.
Model 6 cylinder
Chassis No.  
Engine No.  
Body Style  
Registration Numbers  S-19436/SRH References
Packard 6-cyl


Make   Packard History          
Year  1948
Model no. 2282. Right hand drive, CKD (Complete Knocked Down) kit  Export model assembled in Cape Town, South Africa. Owned by a farmer in Rhodesia, a Mr Havengar. By the early 1960s after the car had been in use as a tractor, it was abandoned when spotted derelict in a field on a tobacco farm in June 1968 by Adrian Trebicki. After acquiring the car, for a crate of beer!,  Adrian drove it to his farm about 5 miles away (Adrian also acquired a Packard straight 8 with no rear axle). After a rebuild the car was used for a  trip around South Africa. The car was left in Rhodesia when Adrian moved to work in South Africa for Leyland Trucks. Taken to where it was registered around 1981. Shipped to the UK in 1981. Noted for sale in Cars and Classics on the internet in Lancashire, acquired by Michael Evans on 13 March 2009. Long term restoration project, poor paintwork due to careless storage, needs re-chroming. Upholstered in non standard materials probably from the  restoration done in South Africa.
Model  22nd Series Export Six
Chassis No.  5868
Engine No.  
Body Style  
Colours  Volkswagen baby blue            
Registration Numbers  43-603-T/RHO, FBR-034-T/SAF, 164 XUT
References  Packard Info website; Michael Evans



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