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Make RE Alfa
This Alfa was built by Ray Reed of Ray's Engineering, Gwelo, hence the RE in the name. The chassis and general suspension is based on the LDS Cooper, fitted with a modified Alfa engine. Ray entered the car in the 1965 South African Grand Prix, but did not take part. After Peter crashed in the car during the 1966 Rhodesian Grand Prix, Ray bought back the remains with the intention of building a sports racing car. Ray was killed in an aircraft accident on 8 May 1970 near Nottingham Road in South Africa. The car is believed to have been stored by Ivan Bull in Bulawayo - Later acquired by Lew Baker then Dave Alexander - The restoration of this car was started by either Lew or Dave and then completed by a new owner.

If anyone have any other info or photographs of the car please let me know.

NOTE: Various websites say that Ray died in January 1965, this is not correct.

Chassis No.  
Engine No.  
Body Style
Registration Numbers
References Peter Huson; Sunset on Kyalami;
Peter Huson lining up for the left hander after the hairpin at Kumalo, possibly in June 1966
RE Alfa
No. 10 R.E. Alfa driven by Peter Huson and No. 9 Lotus 20 driven by John McNicol at the Kumalo circuit, possibly in June 1966
RE Alfa at Kyalami - Image found online but it is from Sunset on Kyalami by Gary Kegel

Race History

29 Sep 1963         Marlborough, Salisbury                                   No. 9 Ray Reed   1498cc   (listed as RE Ford)

01 Dec 1963         McNellie Circuit, Bulawayo                             No. 19 Ray Reed 1498cc   Alfa Special (entered Libre & 4th Rhod. GP)


29 Feb 1964         Kyalami Rand Autumn Trophy                        No. 9 Ray Reed                   RE Alfa Finished 8th 38 of 40 laps  

01 Jun 1964          Kyalami 3rd Republic Trophy                           No. 9 Ray Reed                   RE Alfa Unplaced 40 laps

13 Jul 1964           East London 6th Border 100                              No. 15 Ray Reed                 RE Alfa Retired 25 of 42 laps overheating

25 Jul 1964           Lourenco Marques Gov. Genl. Races             No. 2 Ray Reed                   RE Alfa Retired 32 of 40 laps overheating

10 Oct 1964          Kyalami Festival Races                                     No. 9 Ray Reed                   RE Alfa (2 24 lap races) Unplaced

29 Nov 1964        McNellie Circuit, Bulawayo                              No. 6 Ray Reed                   RE Alfa (5th Rhod. GP) Result unknown

12 Dec 1964         Kyalami Rand GP                                                No. 21 Ray Reed                 RE Alfa 1st race 10th, 2nd race DNS


01 Jan 1965          East London 11th SAGP                                     No. 26                                    RE Alfa did not qualify

27 Jun 1965          Ray Amm and Salisbury GP                              No. 14 Ray Reed                 RE Alfa Result unknown  


4 Dec 1966           Khumalo Rhod. GP 50 laps                               No. 10 Peter Huson             RE Alfa Crashed lap 26


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