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Owned by Eric Glasby of Bulawayo having been acquired second hand in the Apparently the car did not handle Eric never achieved good results with it in spite of it being a car with one of only 6 very special heads developed for Le Mans on the Bristol engine. U.K. Owned in 1961 by Tom Kenyon, raced at Kumalo. Sold to a Mr. Nurse in Florida, Johannesburg who raced the car extensively but not with earth shattering results . When Nurse passed away in the 70 s the car passed on to an engineer with the name of Bruce who ran a small engineering works next to the Kyalami Ranch . He stripped the car to rebuilt it and found that there was a problem with the De Dion back axle , it was bent ,when speaking to Eric Glasby about it Eric remembered that when the car was offloaded in Durban docks the car was dropped onto the one rear wheel from about a meter high but they did not see any damage at the time and did nothing about it . This then explained the poor handling of the car . Bruce started rebuilding the car but developed cancer and was forced to sell the car before completing the rebuild . He sold it to Jolyon Simpson in the late 70s early 80s . The car stood as was in Jolyons collection for a long time before he apparently had a good offer for this special Bristol engine which he sold . He then got hold of a D type Jaguar head and built up a Jaguar engine. The car later returned to the UK. Also owned by V. Fear at some stage.
Chassis No. TAD 3/55
Engine No. BS4/???, now fitted with a Jaguar engine
Body Style
Colours Yellow with black stripe down middle            
Registration Numbers RB-4917/SRH, 3 KMG
References Pic Ivan Glasby via Mike Falconer
Tojeiro Bristol


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